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Stay Cold and Flu Free in 2014


Stay Cold and Flu Free in 2014

It makes me so sad to see so many of my friends and their little ones suffering with viruses and flus this time of year. It’s the nature of the Holidays…lots of sugar… wacky schedules….traveling….eating out… parties with lots of people….

I absolutely hate being sick.. I remember my last flu bug 2 years ago…my sweet friend, Cathy, sent me home to bed and over then next 4-5 days people stopped by with soup and dinner to feed my kids because my husband was in Afghanistan. Such a sense of gratitude overwhelms me when I think about that now.

It was at that time I had discovered Juice Plus and started learning about the important research being done on our immune systems…. and because of Juice Plus I’ve not been sick in a long time…and more importantly I get to share what I’m doing to stay virus/flu free with my friends.

It’s been my experience that once someone starts taking Juice Plus it takes 3 to 4 months of consistency to really boost the immune system…. and what I tell my friends is that if they are around others that are sick or start to feel a little sniffly that they should double up. I like to sneak the kids chewables and suck on them like lozenges during those times. Some people still get colds on Juice Plus but they are much shorter lived and few and far between… I’ll take that when one does hit… but in the meantime I’m liking taking care of my friends instead of being the one that needs taking care of.

I’m more then happy to send you some samples of the chewables… just message me your address. And for more information check out


Sweet Potato Soup



I had a ton of sweet potato casserole left over from our Christmas dinner…. Nobody ate the leftovers! What does this family have against the sweet potato? So I tricked them into eating the casserole by making it into one of their favorites… Sweet potato soup.

2 cups sweet potato casserole (topping removed) or two cups mashed sweet potato.
2 cups rice or almond milk
2 cubes No-chicken bouillon (or you can use regular chicken bouillon)
A few grinds of black pepper
1/2 tsp cumin
Spanish peanuts

Stir and warm all ingredients (except peanuts) on the stove in a 4 qt pot. If you want it silky smooth blend it for a minute in a blender on high. Top each serving with peanuts.