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Vegan Meal Plan


I go through a lot of blogs and recipe collections and have started placing the recipes that look really tasty in a meal plan for my family. And since I’m often asked what I eat since I eat a plant-based diet, I thought I’d share a week with you and the links to the recipes.

A few notes about the menu that you might have….

  • Every morning before I put anything else in my stomach I drink the juice of 1/2 a lemon with 6 oz of hot water… it really helps kick start your liver and has helped tremendously with my gallbladder attacks… they are almost nil since starting this habit.
  • My post workout smoothie is 1 scoop of Juice Plus Complete in French Vanilla or Dutch Chocolate mixed with one cup of milk alternative (usually almond or soy). You can find a Juice Plus link on the right side of my blog.
  • The green smoothie listed in the snack column is made only if I’m feeling really hungry in the afternoon and want to avoid snacking on a whole bag or chips with salsa ….and there are plenty of recipes here in my blog for you to try.
  • The “JP garden/orchard/vine” are dehydrated veggies and fruits I take in capsules or gummies (my solution to being too lazy to use a juicer)…. you can find a link to more information on the right side of my blog.
  • The “Sweaty Workout”… is a resistance training workout I do with my girlfriends, the Sweaty Housewives….they rock!!

MEAL PLAN with links