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Suffering from Food Allergies or Intolerances?


I had a great discussion yesterday with some friends about food allergies, intolerances, and sensitivities… here’s our experiences and thoughts….

1) That for many of us our ability to tolerate certain foods significantly decreased after the age of 35 and after 45 we were finding many digestive issues, headaches, moodiness, cold and flu like symptoms, and itchy skin and hives that we truly believe can be traced back to what we eat. 


2) That finding our trigger foods can feel like a guessing game because you may not react to a food right away. And foods are called by so many different names it’s hard to identify the problem foods. I learned yesterday that because of my milk allergy I should be avoiding protein hydrolysate because it is a milk derivative. What is protein hydrolysate anyway?? It doesn’t sound good. 

3) That because of our diets in our early years we may have set ourselves up for a food sensitivity because we bombarded our systems with the same foods everyday and didn’t provided our bodies with variety. And that because of the age of onset it certainly must be related to hormone shifts. We women love to blame things on hormones… probably because they cause us so much grief at times. 

4) That loading up on fruits and veggies and Juice Plus (which is the concentrates from 28 fruits and veggies and their beautiful live active digestive enzymes) can really help heal our guts from all the damage we’ve done and help get them back to working the way they should. (For more info check out


5) That finding a good naturopath who is willing to work with you in finding your trigger foods is worth the money….and that it’s frustrating that it’s not covered by our insurance. 

So what are your thoughts? Do any of the points above resonate? Are you on a similar journey?