Hi I’m Danette, mother of three, military wife of 21 years, and plant eater for health reasons. I love to run, bike, and cross-fit especially with friends. My friends, known as the Sweaty Housewives, put me up to this blog because they wanted some healthy inspiration in the kitchen.


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  1. Hi Danette….I have been looking for recipes for smoothies. I can’t wait to start trying some of yours. Also…I have been considering buying the tower gardens but was skeptical…thank you for sharing.

  2. Hey there. Sorry I haven’t gotten back to you. Just wanted you to know that I tried the Blueberry Kale Smoothie today…amazing! I loved it. I am going to be making the Cuban bowl tonight. I can’t wait… Thanks for sharing all the recipes…it sure does help.

    Also, I am going to be purchasing the garden tower this month. Do I go through you to do that or do I just purchase it through their site?

    • Please let me know how your Cuban bowl turned out! We love bowls at our house but I’m kind of a dump this in and a little bit of that kind of a cook… I’m hoping I translated it into a useable recipe.

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