Monthly Archives: January 2017


lara-casey-2017-goal-setting-giveaway12016 was an amzing year in my business… so much to celebrate. The team of women (and a few men) I work with made huge promotions… had their biggest paychecks ever (as did I) and the best part is that we got to do it together. In our field everyone wins. Everyone is valued. Everyone’s contribution is cherished no matter how big or how little. And there’s always room to add more members to our team. It’s one of the beautiful parts of Network Marketing.

So with 2016 being such as amazing year, It would be so easy to just sit back and relax right now… but why do that when there’s so much to do… so many more people to be inspired? My secret to living a life with focus is Power Sheets. These are worksheets designed to walk you through the goal setting process so that you can work towards what you really want while being very in tune to the relationships that matter most to you. So I did my prep work with the 2017 Power Sheets and am beyond excited about the possibilities this year. And thank you Lara Casey for all your wisdom and guidance. It woud be so easy to try to write perfect goals right now … or big goals that would take my focus from the important people in my life… or goals I think my team or the world would want to see from me. But byy working through the Power Sheets my goals are designed specifically for me with great intention and clarity. I am so ready for 2017.

And if you are interested in goal setting or Power Sheets check out Lara’s blog at and work through her 5 days of goal setting and enter her give away… she’s got some pretty awesome stuff to send your way.