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Stay Cold and Flu Free in 2014


Stay Cold and Flu Free in 2014

It makes me so sad to see so many of my friends and their little ones suffering with viruses and flus this time of year. It’s the nature of the Holidays…lots of sugar… wacky schedules….traveling….eating out… parties with lots of people….

I absolutely hate being sick.. I remember my last flu bug 2 years ago…my sweet friend, Cathy, sent me home to bed and over then next 4-5 days people stopped by with soup and dinner to feed my kids because my husband was in Afghanistan. Such a sense of gratitude overwhelms me when I think about that now.

It was at that time I had discovered Juice Plus and started learning about the important research being done on our immune systems…. and because of Juice Plus I’ve not been sick in a long time…and more importantly I get to share what I’m doing to stay virus/flu free with my friends.

It’s been my experience that once someone starts taking Juice Plus it takes 3 to 4 months of consistency to really boost the immune system…. and what I tell my friends is that if they are around others that are sick or start to feel a little sniffly that they should double up. I like to sneak the kids chewables and suck on them like lozenges during those times. Some people still get colds on Juice Plus but they are much shorter lived and few and far between… I’ll take that when one does hit… but in the meantime I’m liking taking care of my friends instead of being the one that needs taking care of.

I’m more then happy to send you some samples of the chewables… just message me your address. And for more information check out Danette.JuicePlus.com


How much does juicing cost?



Here are the fruits and veggies I cleaned up to juice today…  all those beautiful colors make me so happy…. not to mention how they make me feel.

But I often get questions about the price of juicing. The bowl above cost just over $10 and the only organics were the one small apple and the beets. But it’s my health so I think it’s worth it for beautiful skin, better digestion, balanced blood sugar, low cholesterol, cancer prevention, weight control etc.

For those that find that still too steep a price… I always recommend Juice Plus Garden, Orchard, and Vineyard capsules… 26 fruits, berry and veggie concentrates that are created in such a way to keep the live digestive enzymes alive and well…. I’ve found nothing like it…. and it’s just a couple bucks a day. Check out DanetteTakesJuicePlus.com They also make amazing chewables for children and adults who hate capsules.

Will Juice Plus Help Me Loose Weight?


Recently I’ve been asked if Juice Plus will help with weight loss…. swim suit season must be coming up. Here are my thoughts on how concentrated veggie and fruit powders can help.

If you are restricting calories it’s more then likely you are restricting micronutrients as well. Because of this you will often feel tired, not recover as quickly from exercise, compromise your immune system, and have cravings. Juice Plus provides crazy amounts of phytonutrients that work in synergy within the body. Because JP is nothing more than raw, non-GMO plant food your body knows exactly what to do with each micronutrient.. it gets into the blood and goes right to the system that needs it to work properly or heal. So in return you have more energy, your muscles recover quickly, you’re less likely to get sick, and your cravings are more under control.

So is Juice Plus a quick fix to get you into a swim suit?…. no… but it’s the perfect addition to the goals you have to be a healthier you (plus quick fixes wreak havoc on your metabolic health.. not good..but that’s another post) If you have questions feel free to comment or message me through my website at DanetteTakesJuicePlus.com



Let’s get this party started!


I finally caved to the pressure to start a blog! Thanks to my girls, known as the Sweaty Housewives, I’ve finally bit the kale and will be blogging about my favorite food group. Veggies! Why am I such a veggie (and fruit) pusher?? Because they keep you young! They keep things moving smooth (if ya get my drift)! They keep the bloat away… no Sweaty Housewife wants bloat – it’s so uncomfortable. And most importantly veggies and fruits keep us disease free. Beauty and being at your ideal weight are only perks to living a healthy, disease free life.

So get ready for some of my favorite plant-based (vegan) meals and smoothies. And if you are a meat-lover no worries… the rest of my family is too and I’ll give options to my meals that I like to call “meat on the side.” I’ll also post about the Sweaty Housewife workouts and nutritional adventures. We try some crazy stuff and have loads of fun seeing what we are capable of.

So let’s get this party started…. veggies for everyone!

Danette (AKA Flair)