Why Are We Low in Vitamin D?


There’s been lots of buzz around Vitamin D lately and one of the reasons is because so many of us women (maybe men too but they tend not to talk about it) are finding that when we get tested we are low in this very important vitamin. And for those of us living in the southern states it’s confusing because we get plenty of sunshine year round.  Recently I had a great talk with a friend who….. and I know many of you will find shocking…. Reads and researches nutrition more than I do…. Crazy I know. So when I stopped by her house the other day many of my questions got answered.

So why are we finding ourselves low in vitamin D??

1)   We are too clean!! Did you know that once vitamin D develops on your skin from the sun that it can take up to 48 hours for your body to absorb it? Once we shower we have to start all over again!

2)   We eat less organ meats like our grandparent did. Those organs must be loaded with the stuff…. Who knew?

3)   We overuse pesticides & toxins and they supposedly destroy vitamin D…. “Darn you Monsanto!!”

4)   The windows we use these days that block out the UVA and UVB may also destroy the vitamin D.

5)   Finally, there are those looking to see if dietary substances (trans fat, soda), certain medications, and even obesity have an impact on D levels.

So I guess what we need to do is stop showering… eat organs… that come from animals that haven’t been exposed to toxins and remove the windows from our homes (how will we keep the flies out)…. Problem solved.

Or we can eat a nutritious diet that includes lots of mushrooms, which are a good veg friendly source of D and if your Dr. finds that you are low a D3 supplement may be in order.


Photo by James Barker from freedigitalphotos.com


Bulk Flaky Pie Crust Recipe


I just made 16 pie crusts in preparation for the holidays. This recipe of my mom’s is perfect for pies, hand pies, quiche, and empanadas. Yum.

I know I usually post healthy recipes but since most holiday deserts are off limits for me (no eggs or dairy for this girl) pies are my splurge this time if year.



Cranberry Vanilla Smoothie


Zucchini Breakfast Cookies


Zucchini Breakfast Cookies

It’s zucchini season and the garden in full of them. Here’s an easy, healthy recipe that would make a great breakfast cookie for the kids when they go back to school or an afternoon snack.

Here’s the recipe…
Mix 2 C Oatmeal
2 C Whole Wheat or Spelt Flour
2 tsp Baking Powder
2 tsp Cinnamon
3/4 tsp Sea Salt

Then add 1/2 C melted Coconut Oil
1/2 C unsweetened Applesauce
2/3 C Agave Nectar or Maple Syrup

Stir in 2 C grated Zucchini
1/2 C raisins

Bake on parchment lined cookie sheets for 18 minutes at 375 degrees. This will make 32 large cookies. I use a medium cookie scoop which holds around 2 Tb of batter.

How much does juicing cost?



Here are the fruits and veggies I cleaned up to juice today…  all those beautiful colors make me so happy…. not to mention how they make me feel.

But I often get questions about the price of juicing. The bowl above cost just over $10 and the only organics were the one small apple and the beets. But it’s my health so I think it’s worth it for beautiful skin, better digestion, balanced blood sugar, low cholesterol, cancer prevention, weight control etc.

For those that find that still too steep a price… I always recommend Juice Plus Garden, Orchard, and Vineyard capsules… 26 fruits, berry and veggie concentrates that are created in such a way to keep the live digestive enzymes alive and well…. I’ve found nothing like it…. and it’s just a couple bucks a day. Check out DanetteTakesJuicePlus.com They also make amazing chewables for children and adults who hate capsules.

Will Juice Plus Help Me Loose Weight?


Recently I’ve been asked if Juice Plus will help with weight loss…. swim suit season must be coming up. Here are my thoughts on how concentrated veggie and fruit powders can help.

If you are restricting calories it’s more then likely you are restricting micronutrients as well. Because of this you will often feel tired, not recover as quickly from exercise, compromise your immune system, and have cravings. Juice Plus provides crazy amounts of phytonutrients that work in synergy within the body. Because JP is nothing more than raw, non-GMO plant food your body knows exactly what to do with each micronutrient.. it gets into the blood and goes right to the system that needs it to work properly or heal. So in return you have more energy, your muscles recover quickly, you’re less likely to get sick, and your cravings are more under control.

So is Juice Plus a quick fix to get you into a swim suit?…. no… but it’s the perfect addition to the goals you have to be a healthier you (plus quick fixes wreak havoc on your metabolic health.. not good..but that’s another post) If you have questions feel free to comment or message me through my website at DanetteTakesJuicePlus.com



Green Kumquat Smoothie


It’s been a while since I posted a smoothie recipe…. Here’s one I created because my kids wanted to know what kumquats tasted like.


1 Cup Water
1 Cup Kumquats, whole
2 Small Apples
1 Meyer Lemon, flesh only, seeds removed
2 Big Handfuls Spinach
1 – 2 Frozen Bananas
6 Ice Cubes

Blend in high speed blender for 45 seconds.