Why Are We Low in Vitamin D?


There’s been lots of buzz around Vitamin D lately and one of the reasons is because so many of us women (maybe men too but they tend not to talk about it) are finding that when we get tested we are low in this very important vitamin. And for those of us living in the southern states it’s confusing because we get plenty of sunshine year round.  Recently I had a great talk with a friend who….. and I know many of you will find shocking…. Reads and researches nutrition more than I do…. Crazy I know. So when I stopped by her house the other day many of my questions got answered.

So why are we finding ourselves low in vitamin D??

1)   We are too clean!! Did you know that once vitamin D develops on your skin from the sun that it can take up to 48 hours for your body to absorb it? Once we shower we have to start all over again!

2)   We eat less organ meats like our grandparent did. Those organs must be loaded with the stuff…. Who knew?

3)   We overuse pesticides & toxins and they supposedly destroy vitamin D…. “Darn you Monsanto!!”

4)   The windows we use these days that block out the UVA and UVB may also destroy the vitamin D.

5)   Finally, there are those looking to see if dietary substances (trans fat, soda), certain medications, and even obesity have an impact on D levels.

So I guess what we need to do is stop showering… eat organs… that come from animals that haven’t been exposed to toxins and remove the windows from our homes (how will we keep the flies out)…. Problem solved.

Or we can eat a nutritious diet that includes lots of mushrooms, which are a good veg friendly source of D and if your Dr. finds that you are low a D3 supplement may be in order.


Photo by James Barker from freedigitalphotos.com


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