How much does juicing cost?



Here are the fruits and veggies I cleaned up to juice today…  all those beautiful colors make me so happy…. not to mention how they make me feel.

But I often get questions about the price of juicing. The bowl above cost just over $10 and the only organics were the one small apple and the beets. But it’s my health so I think it’s worth it for beautiful skin, better digestion, balanced blood sugar, low cholesterol, cancer prevention, weight control etc.

For those that find that still too steep a price… I always recommend Juice Plus Garden, Orchard, and Vineyard capsules… 26 fruits, berry and veggie concentrates that are created in such a way to keep the live digestive enzymes alive and well…. I’ve found nothing like it…. and it’s just a couple bucks a day. Check out They also make amazing chewables for children and adults who hate capsules.


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