Will Juice Plus Help Me Loose Weight?


Recently I’ve been asked if Juice Plus will help with weight loss…. swim suit season must be coming up. Here are my thoughts on how concentrated veggie and fruit powders can help.

If you are restricting calories it’s more then likely you are restricting micronutrients as well. Because of this you will often feel tired, not recover as quickly from exercise, compromise your immune system, and have cravings. Juice Plus provides crazy amounts of phytonutrients that work in synergy within the body. Because JP is nothing more than raw, non-GMO plant food your body knows exactly what to do with each micronutrient.. it gets into the blood and goes right to the system that needs it to work properly or heal. So in return you have more energy, your muscles recover quickly, you’re less likely to get sick, and your cravings are more under control.

So is Juice Plus a quick fix to get you into a swim suit?…. no… but it’s the perfect addition to the goals you have to be a healthier you (plus quick fixes wreak havoc on your metabolic health.. not good..but that’s another post) If you have questions feel free to comment or message me through my website at DanetteTakesJuicePlus.com




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