Tower Garden


Tower Garden

I left town for a week and I came home to beautiful lettuces and herbs. Aren’t you jealous? I’ve been using celery, parsley, mint, & romaine for the past couple days. It’s awesome having fresh produce right outside my back door. It’s also awesome living in Texas where I can plant year round. But don’t be too sad, planting season is just around the corner for the rest of the country… are you ready? Danette.TowerGarden.comparsley

Parsley…. Check out the chives who are photo bombing.


Celery… don’t you hate it when you have to buy a whole head of celery for 1 stalk in a recipe? With the Tower Garden right outside my door I just cut off what I need.


Two stalks of celery ready to go in my Red Beans…. there’s so much flavor in the leaves!

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