Heading to Conference! Delayed….


Don’t ya hate it when you pull into the airport at 4:50am just to get an automated call that your plane is 2 hours late…. Due to maintenance issues? Ugh! At least I’m not in this alone. My friends Lori and Peggy are heading with me to Phoenix for a Juice Plus convention. I’m so excited for this adventure…. If only we could get on a plane.

Between the three of us we probably have 21 outfits and 15 pairs of shoes (and one pair of booties Lori wore through security… Why oh why didn’t I take a picture?!?) We’ll only be in Phoenix for a couple days but you never know what you might want to wear. Plus you have to get your money out of those hefty baggage fees.

Over the next three days we will be learning quite a bit about the Tower Garden…. It’s a 5 ft hydroponic garden that matures greens and veggies in just 4 weeks. So cool.


You can read up more at towergarden.com and I’ll get info on ordering them this weekend.

Yay!!! They just said the plane is fixed and we will start boarding shortly. Off we go!


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  1. You are perfect for writing a blog! Thanks for sharing all Thr fine details about the beginnings of ya’lls adventure. Hilareous! Miss you all; have fun.

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