Let’s get this party started!


I finally caved to the pressure to start a blog! Thanks to my girls, known as the Sweaty Housewives, I’ve finally bit the kale and will be blogging about my favorite food group. Veggies! Why am I such a veggie (and fruit) pusher?? Because they keep you young! They keep things moving smooth (if ya get my drift)! They keep the bloat away… no Sweaty Housewife wants bloat – it’s so uncomfortable. And most importantly veggies and fruits keep us disease free. Beauty and being at your ideal weight are only perks to living a healthy, disease free life.

So get ready for some of my favorite plant-based (vegan) meals and smoothies. And if you are a meat-lover no worries… the rest of my family is too and I’ll give options to my meals that I like to call “meat on the side.” I’ll also post about the Sweaty Housewife workouts and nutritional adventures. We try some crazy stuff and have loads of fun seeing what we are capable of.

So let’s get this party started…. veggies for everyone!

Danette (AKA Flair)


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